Kol Shofar - Unique factory producing all kinds of trumpets

Kol Shofar is a unique workshop for Shofar manufacturing of all kinds, established in 1998. The Shofars are being manufactured by Shimon Keinan – a senior Shofar blower and skilled with the secrets of the Shofar. The Shofars production is done using old traditional methods combined with new modern techniques and with tools developed and modified by Shimon to his needs. This is the most modern and advanced Shofar factory in the world and it is setting new standards in its field - a fact that directly affects the high quality and class of the Shofars. Additionally, in 2009, Kol Shofar has become a green plant that provides himself all his power through a solar system. Kol Shofar is under rabbinical supervision and is known for its strict observance of kashrus.

Among our customers - Rabbi Mahpud, Badatz , Ministry of Defense, The Military Rabbinate and well known rabbis.

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What is special about the Kol Shofar horns

Ease of blowing and sound - thanks to the knowledge and experience that we know how to get the best out of all principal and think about the needs of a Trumpeting when it goes before the arc at theRosh ha Shana. Carefully the alignment and drilling and building great fairy trumpets we are able to produce accurate, solid sounding and easy Shofar.
Smell and cleanliness - our Shofars are the only ones in the world go through a process to remove unpleasant smells. Each fund that comes our grand project undergoing cleaning and disinfection (disinfection, in addition we are committed to your veterinarian's demands national Ministry of Health), a process that is unique to us and is the result of an ongoing effort to enhanced odor.
Strictly Kosher - improved voice we maintain strictly kosher Shofars. Any suspicion of rejection, whether it's a hole, crack, bark, etc. are thoroughly checked and if it is the mouthpiece out of circulation immediately. Many people want to buy our enhanced knowledge clearer receive kosher Shofar.
Service and Warranty - We do everything to give the best service to everyone who visits us, whether on a guided tour, purchase improved or whether spontaneous visit to see and be impressed.
In case of a manufacturing defect repair Shofar we offer at our expense (to the extent that repair) or replacement of the Shofar.
Come visit our Visiting Center!
Monday - Thursday: 08:00 - 16:00
Friday: 08:00 - 13:00 (call first)
Saturday (Shabbat): Closed
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Introducing Shofar
Everything you ever wanted to know about Shofar and Shofar making in one place.
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Kol Shofar
Kol Shofar, Shimon Keinan
Givaat Yoav
Golan Height , 12946

Phone: 04-6763307
Fax: 04-6762144
Cell: 050-3732459
Visitor Center opening Hours:
08:00 - 16:00
08:00 - 13:00

Kol Shofar - Shofarot Production and Processing for all ethnic groups under rabbinical supervision